Where do crew sleep on a long haul flight?

Published on 6th January 2016 at 8:59

Pilots have their own rest area behind the cockpit

It’s 15 and a half hours from Sydney to Dallas – one of the longest flights in the world. So while you’re sitting back watching a movie our team of 20 cabin crew are busy making sure you, our customers are comfortable and of course safe.

For such a long flight, it’s important that our crew are able to have a break too and they do so in a small compartment located underneath the economy section of our A380 aircraft.

It’s called the crew rest and inside there’s 12 bunks – not many passengers know it exists but it’s the space where our crew can take some time to sleep or relax.

Pilots have their own rest area as well located behind the cockpit. For such long journeys it’s important that all of our operating crew have adequate rest breaks to comply with regulations as well as Qantas’ policy.

So the next time, you’re in economy – remember there could be someone having a snooze right underneath your feet.

Crew Rest Forward

There’s 12 bunks down here for our cabin crew

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