Roo Tales - Behind The Scenes

Your behind the scenes access to Qantas, the airline and its people.

The A, C and D of aircraft maintenance

It’s easy to forget when you board a modern jet aircraft that you’re stepping onto one of the most complex machines ever created. An A380, for instance, has over one million parts. Today’s aircraft are carefully tuned machines with primary systems and backup systems (and, sometimes, backup, backup systems) in order to fly up to […]

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Take a walk (a virtual one) on the tarmac

It’s all hands on deck when the Q400 regional aircraft pulls up outside the terminal with teams of refuellers, caterers, cleaners and engineers ready to unload and prepare the aircraft for its next flight. It’s like a coordinated pit crew  – each team focused on getting their job done, quickly and of course safely. And […]

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“Just waiting for our final piece of paperwork……”

  Sometimes when you are settling down for take-off and before the cabin door is closed, you might hear one of the pilots come across the PA and say that the crew are just waiting for the final piece of paperwork. Ever wondered what it is? It’s the aircraft’s load sheet which details how much […]

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A wheely big job

It’s something most of us learn when we get our first car, how to change a tyre. Weighing in at 560 tonnes, the A380 is the largest aircraft in the Qantas fleet. It can carry 484 passengers and 24 crew.  It’s landing gear is made up of 22 wheels and cushions the weight of the […]

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That time when we strapped an extra engine on to a jumbo

Today’s QF63 from Sydney to Johannesburg took off with an extra passenger on board – a six tonne Rolls Royce engine. With its four powerful engines and distinctive upper deck, the Boeing 747 is instantly recognisable wherever it flies. What you might not know is that the 747 has the ability to carry a fifth engine, […]

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