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Rain, hail or shine, Dave keeps an eye on the weather

At Qantas there’s only one thing we love to talk about more than aircraft – and that’s the weather. When you fly to six different continents and more than 55 destinations across Australia, there’s a world of weather to keep an eye on. That’s why we have our own in-house team of meteorologists in our […]

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‘Qantastic!’ the album

1971. It was the year Qantas flew its first jumbo jet – and the year Qantas released its first album.

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Mind the jet blast

Did you know the hot compressed air expelled from a jet engine when it’s on the ground can travel up to 170km/h, that’s equivalent to what you’d experience during a Category 4 Cyclone. These huge gusts of wind, aka jet blasts, give aircraft thrust. So while it can propel an aircraft through the skies, on […]

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How time flies, a year of 787 flying

They grow up so fast. It seems like only yesterday that we were watching our first 787 Dreamliner come together at Boeing’s Seattle factory. In fact, this week marks a year since our first 787-9 Great Southern Land touched down in Australia.

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That time we towed a plane with a Tesla

Never has a passenger airliner been hitched to an electric passenger vehicle for towing. Well at least until today.
On a remote taxiway at Melbourne Airport, a Tesla Model X P100D with the greatest pulling power of any electric passenger vehicle came face to face against the newest star of the Qantas fleet, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

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