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Five everyday ways to boost your Qantas Points balance

Let’s just put it out there. Everyone loves points and there are lots of expert solutions on how to max out how many you can earn. So while some people have turned it into a science, we’re here to let you know how easy it is to top up your points balance. And while some […]

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The Flying (Roo) Doctor Service

Our mates at QantasLink have a group of aircraft engineers called the Flying Spanners.  Think of them like the friendly mechanic who drives out to fix your car when you’ve broken down. Except these aircraft engineers will usually be flown into remote or regional destinations to get one of our planes back into service. Say […]

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How do we get a plane in the air without taking off?

OK, there a few caveats behind that headline.  But, it’s technically true.  We can lift an Airbus A330 and even larger planes off the ground using giant hydraulic jacks. Why do we do it? Because it’s the easiest way to test that the landing gear is working correctly. And how do we do it? The […]

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The baby Boeing that keeps on going

If you’ve flown with us in the past few years, chances are you’re one of the millions of passengers who has boarded a Qantas Boeing 737-800. The twin-engine jet is the workhorse of our domestic fleet, and also makes short hops to New Zealand, Singapore, Bali and Noumea in New Caledonia. And 50 years ago, […]

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Speed bumps in the sky – turbulence explained

Turbulence is one of the most talked about elements of flying among passengers. But for cabin crew and pilots, it’s simply part  of the job and certainly not something to fear (provided you’re buckled up). That said, it can be uncomfortable. And it’s a leading cause of spilt drinks in-flight. So, a lot of effort […]

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