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Plugging in a plane – how we keep the lights on before the engines fire up

When aircraft are in flight, all the electricity they need to power various systems comes from the engines. But what happens when they are on the ground in-between flights, and the engines aren’t running? Aircraft still need a significant amount of energy to operate things like air conditioning, cabin lights and hundreds of entertainment screens […]

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From the cinema to the cabin – a year in Qantas Entertainment

One of the perks of flying is being able to indulge in your favourite TV show or movie without copping flak from your mates. And our customers are definitely making the most of the time in the air, with 22 million hours of inflight entertainment viewed this year alone. So, here’s what our ratings this […]

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Are you getting enough (carbon) fibre?

Back in the early days airplanes were made from wood and canvas. Today most aircraft are made from aluminium. It’s a tried and tested material but has its limitations with its strength and weight. So to allow aircraft to fly further and for longer, Boeing had to look at other materials to make the next […]

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70s flashback to the Captain Cook Lounge

  When we recently announced plans to expand the passenger lounge on our Airbus A380s as part of a major interior upgrade, we had a flash of déjà vu. Some of our first 747s (delivered in the 1970s and long since retired) had a very groovy upper deck featuring the Captain Cook lounge. Located behind […]

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Answers to three random questions about flying

If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re just as fascinated about flying as we are. So, to get to the bottom of a few things, we asked a couple of our pilot mates to answer some of the more random questions they get from passengers. What would happen if you tried to open the […]

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