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70s flashback to the Captain Cook Lounge

  When we recently announced plans to expand the passenger lounge on our Airbus A380s as part of a major interior upgrade, we had a flash of déjà vu. Some of our first 747s (delivered in the 1970s and long since retired) had a very groovy upper deck featuring the Captain Cook lounge. Located behind […]

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Answers to three random questions about flying

If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re just as fascinated about flying as we are. So, to get to the bottom of a few things, we asked a couple of our pilot mates to answer some of the more random questions they get from passengers. What would happen if you tried to open the […]

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Making some room for the Dreamliner

This is not your normal garage cleanout. In October this year, deliveries of our eight Boeing Dreamliners start. And to make room, we’re saying goodbye to some old friends. Five of our Boeing 747s will be retired, starting with VH-OJM. Delivered new to Qantas in 1991, OJM (which is its registration and how we tell […]

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Big hair don’t care – Qantas cabin crew 80s style

We were going through our archives lately and stumbled upon the Qantas Cabin Crew Style Guide. From 1986. Things were different, then. Qantas only flew internationally (a merger with TAA, which would create the national carrier as we know it today, didn’t happen until 1993). We had one type of aircraft, an earlier version of […]

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How do we paint a plane?

The old saying goes there is nothing more boring than watching paint dry. Maybe that’s the case if you’re staring at a wall but what about a 63-metre-long, 16-metre-high Airbus A330-300? We’ve just started to repaint more than 200 aircraft in our new livery in time for our 100th birthday in 2020. The update is […]

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