Roo Tales

Your behind the scenes access to Qantas, the airline and its people.

How do we paint a plane?

The old saying goes there is nothing more boring than watching paint dry. Maybe that’s the case if you’re staring at a wall but what about a 63-metre-long, 16-metre-high Airbus A330-300? We’ve just started to repaint more than 200 aircraft in our new livery in time for our 100th birthday in 2020. The update is […]

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(De) Ice Ice Baby

As the national carrier for a sunburnt country, we don’t have to deal with icy conditions very often. But in the depths of winter, some of our aircraft can get a bit frosty sitting on the ground overnight in places like Canberra, Hobart and even Melbourne. Having ice on the wings can be an issue […]

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This is your Wi-Fi speaking – update on Qantas inflight connectivity

Since April, our first internet-enabled aircraft has let passengers stay connected as it flies up and down the east coast of Australia.

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A wardrobe for 20,000 people

Did you know Qantas pilots, cabin crew, engineers, ground crew and freight employees have their own department store? There are rows and rows of clothes from hats and gloves to high-vis vests, jackets and luggage. The only difference between our department store and those you find on the high street is the absence of cash […]

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Five everyday ways to boost your Qantas Points balance

Let’s just put it out there. Everyone loves points and there are lots of expert solutions on how to max out how many you can earn. So while some people have turned it into a science, we’re here to let you know how easy it is to top up your points balance. And while some […]

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