Published on 21st December 2014 at 9:46

QF22 flying from Narita to Sydney has been delayed in Narita due to a mechanical issue. The Boeing 747-400 was unable to depart last night due to the airport curfew.

Qantas sincerely apologises to passengers affected by the delay and greatly appreciates their patience, particularly at this time of year when many people are travelling for the holiday season.

We are continuing to work to find accommodation for all passengers however at this busy time of year only a small number of rooms are available in nearby hotels.

We have staff on the ground at Narita airport assisting passengers and providing food, drinks and sleeping bags for those who could not be accommodated in hotels.

As people start to check out of hotels this morning we hope to be able to secure more rooms for passengers affected by the delay.

At this stage QF22 is due to fly out of Narita at 7pm local time tonight, arriving in Sydney at 7am Monday 22nd December.