Remarks at Boeing Aerostructures Australia – Alan Joyce
Published on 20th May 2013

Remarks at Boeing Aerostructures Australia – Alan Joyce

It’s a pleasure to be here at Fishermans Bend today.

For me today’s event symbolises the great partnership between the Qantas Group and Boeing.   Qantas and Boeing have worked together since the dawn of the jet age in the 1950s.

Together we’ve been responsible for many historic firsts, from the invention of business class to important breakthroughs in aviation technology.

Next month we take delivery of the Qantas Group’s 250th Boeing aircraft since our partnership began, a 737-800.

And in a few months’ time, we reach another milestone – the arrival of Jetstar’s first Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

This is going to be a special moment for Australian aviation and for Jetstar.

The Jetstar story is truly remarkable.   Jetstar was founded in 2004, as a domestic low cost carrier.

Since then, it has grown into a global business with

– Airlines in five countries;

– A network of more than 60 destinations across the Asia Pacific

– A fleet of 100 aircraft;

– And more than 7,000 employees.

Jetstar has opened up low cost travel for Australians.  It is helping drive the travel boom in Asia.  And it has strengthened the Qantas Group as a business.

In the process, Jetstar has delivered significant economic benefits for Australia, supporting jobs, tourism and small business.

Of course, Boeing too is a major contributor to the Australian economy.  And it’s very appropriate that we’re here at this superb facility today.

The parts made here will soon be shipped to Seattle – where Jetstar’s first 787 is about to enter final assembly.

Jetstar customers are going to love flying on the Dreamliner.   Our employees cannot wait for this wonderful aircraft to join the Jetstar fleet.

And with its outstanding performance and fuel efficiency, the 787 will strengthen Jetstar’s long haul operations in a very competitive market.

There will be a broader economic impact, too, as we put in place the infrastructure needed to support Dreamliner operations.

The Qantas Group will invest more than $100 million in Dreamliner training facilities for our crew, plus equipment for engineering operations.  And up to 100 new jobs will be needed to support this infrastructure.

As I said, this is an exciting new chapter in the Jetstar story – and it is a good news story for Australia.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Dreamliner teams at Jetstar and Boeing.  I know it has taken an enormous amount of hard work and planning to reach this point.

You can all be very proud of what you’ve achieved – and of the great partnership between our two companies.

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