Get on board with Point Hogging

Published on 3rd August 2018 at 12:52


Everyone, I’ve got this: and all the lovely Qantas FF points.

“Point Hogging” is the latest trend on the rise amongst the savviest members of Qantas Loyalty’s 12 million strong army of point hunters.

The trend involves members collecting Qantas points on group bookings and purchases under the guise of being organised and helpful to family and friends.

Put it on my card and you can give me the cash” sound familiar? How about “I’ll book a table, see you there at 7pm”. Beware, you might be being duped out of your next flight upgrade!

These sneaky strategists boost their points balance by leveraging points earning products and services and using Qantas Points-earning credit cards to pay for shared purchases, in some cases double or triple dipping, and then pocketing the reimbursement dollars.

Have the cogs started turning yet? Starting to realise your ‘generous’ friends are travelling a bit more these days?

There are significant rewards for these Frequent Flyer fanatics working the program, whose calculated intentions can see their points balance boom then cash in on reward flights, upgrades and online shopping sprees.

Top six “points hogging” tactics:

  • Offer to put the large group-dinner bill on your Qantas Points-earning credit card in exchange for cash from fellow diners. You’ll earn mega-points on the large transaction.
  • Volunteer to choose and book the restaurant on behalf of a group of friends, so you can earn 100 Qantas points per person on the booking.
  • On behalf of your wine club or friends, choose, order and buy cases of Qantas points earning wine, split the bill and the bottles — but keep the points. Super savvy points pinchers will also ‘double dip’, collecting additional points on the bill by using their Qantas Points-earning credit card.
  • Offer to organise birthday gifts on behalf of a group — earning points on the credit card charge while being reimbursed by everyone whose name is on the card.
  • Select a points-earning electricity and gas supplier on behalf of flatmates in a share house, pay the bill and get house mates to reimburse you. You’ll earn points for every dollar spent on the bill plus for paying on your Qantas Points-earning credit card.
  • Heading to the movies with friends? Put your hand up to book the Hoyts tickets and earn points for every $2 spent. Double down on points by buying it on your Qantas Points-earning credit card and collect the cash from your fellow movie buffs.

Qantas credit card holders are some of the savviest points earners in the program. They know credit cards are the fastest and easiest way to earn points on everyday activities. They also know how to maximise their point balance through strategic purchases.

There are now so many ways to earn points across the program, whether it’s buying health insurance, groceries or a case of wine.

Members are getting smarter about making the program work in their favour and leveraging the everyday products and services with points earning potential, even if it means cashing in at the expense of friends and family.