A wardrobe for 20,000 people

Published on 30th June 2017 at 13:38

What’s your size? Hundreds of cabin crew uniforms ready for fitting

Did you know Qantas pilots, cabin crew, engineers, ground crew and freight employees have their own department store? There are rows and rows of clothes from hats and gloves to high-vis vests, jackets and luggage.

The only difference between our department store and those you find on the high street is the absence of cash registers.

That’s because at the Sydney Qantas Uniform store, our employees only need to worry about walking out looking sharp.

No need to pay: Just like a  department store, without the cash registers


All our uniforms are tailored for a perfect fit, thanks to our in-house team of style gurus.

From safety boots to scarves and everything in between, there’s more than 20,000 pieces of Qantas clothing and accessories on hand for our people to complete their look.

And with more than 20,000 uniformed employees – that’s a very big wardrobe to manage.

So what happens to the old clothing and accessories that can’t be repaired?

The material is shredded and used to make the filling for boxing bags that Mission Australia then sell for charity.

We recently tagged along with A330 second officer Marcel Stiehle when he popped into the uniform store to be fitted out for some new threads, check it out below.