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From the cinema to the cabin – a year in Qantas Entertainment

One of the perks of flying is being able to indulge in your favourite TV show or movie without copping flak from your mates. And our customers are definitely making the most of the time in the air, with 22 million hours of inflight entertainment viewed this year alone. So, here’s what our ratings this […]

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A short history of airline food

From the introduction of ovens onboard our Super Constellations in 1947 to being the only airline (we think) to serve up its logo in an inflight meal , Qantas has always lead the way in airline food. So we got to thinking and decided to share with you a brief history of Qantas Quisine (see what we did there?).

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A Qantas love story

Jo and Andrew Marjason first met on a Qantas Boeing B747 flight from London on 23 February 1976 – that’s 40 years ago this month! In 1976, a Qantas flight from London to Sydney made two stops to refuel, flying from London to Bombay (now called Mumbai), to Perth and then on to Sydney. It […]

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