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Fixing planes and wearing flares, how to be an engineer in the 70s

The year was 1976. The population of the world was 4.1 billion, the Apple Computer Company had just been formed, Jimmy Carter was challenging Gerald Ford to become U.S. President, Holden released the HJ and Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was dominating the charts. Here at Qantas, we had taken delivery of eight B747s, the aircraft that […]

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A short history of airline food

From the introduction of ovens onboard our Super Constellations in 1947 to being the only airline (we think) to serve up its logo in an inflight meal , Qantas has always lead the way in airline food. So we got to thinking and decided to share with you a brief history of Qantas Quisine (see what we did there?).

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Well hello, SFO

It’s almost 12,000 kilometres  from Sydney to San Francisco as the crow or in our case the Boeing 747-400 flies – a journey of 13 and a half  hours. But back when we launched our first trans-Pacific flight in May 1954 operating a Super Constellation from Sydney to San Fran (and onward to Vancouver) the […]

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