Statement on Foam Spill

Published on 20th April 2017 at 17:35

We have been investigating the cause of a fire retardant foam spill in one of our hangars early last week.

While the foam we use in Brisbane meets our current requirements under federal safety regulations, we have been working through a process to replace it with a type that meets the Queensland Government’s updated requirements.

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and we notified the relevant authorities immediately.

Together with the State and Federal governments and Brisbane Airport, we’re acting to understand the impact of the spill and are not able to draw any conclusions until the investigation is complete.

We appreciate there are members of the community who are concerned, and we are responding as quickly as we can to determine the extent of any pollution and are committed to keeping all stakeholders updated through the process.


  • Fire retardant foam is an important part of the systems that keep our employees and customers safe, and is required to be installed in the hangar under aviation safety regulations.
  • While most of the foam was contained, some overflowed and made its way into a nearby creek. The creek was quickly bunded to stop the foam from flowing downstream.
  • Brisbane Airport operates on federal land, meaning it’s governed by a different policy on the use of PFOS and PFOA in firefighting foam.
  • There are few fire retardant products available around the world that meet aviation standards for use in an aircraft hangar. We are working as quickly as possible to replace it.
  • The leak was discovered on Monday 10 April at night and we reported it first thing in the morning on Tuesday 11 April.