Qantas responds: Middle East flight paths

Published on 8th January 2020 at 16:59

Qantas advises that it is adjusting its flight paths over the Middle East to avoid the airspace over Iraq and Iran until further notice.

More information

  • Flight QF9 (Perth-London) and QF10 (London-Perth) are the only Qantas flights affected by this change.
  • The altered flight path increases flying time by about 40-50 minutes on QF9. As a result, we will need to reduce the numbers passengers on board in order to carry more fuel.
  • Despite the altered route, QF10 will operate with a full passenger load and the same flight time due to prevailing winds.
  • Qantas’s other flights to and from London (QF1/2) are unaffected as they operate through an alternative flight path.