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Published on 21st February 2024

Qantas welcomes reforms to the slot management system at Sydney Airport announced today by the Federal Government.

Any improvements to the efficiency of the slots system in Sydney will benefit travellers and have a positive flow on impact to airports around the country, which have been impacted by inefficiencies in Sydney. It will also improve transport links with regional New South Wales and help customers to get to their destinations quicker on days of severe weather.

More transparency in the slots system is a positive step that will help clarify recent public debates on how the system works and demonstrate that claims Qantas has been hoarding slots are wrong. Qantas is operating well over 90 per cent of its allocated slots — above the 80 per cent threshold level that is the global standard for key airports around the world.

These reforms come following improvements that Qantas and Jetstar have made to significantly reduce delays and cancellations. Government data to be released today will show reliability returning to levels that are close to long term averages.

Further information

Qantas has said repeatedly that it supports the reforms proposed in the Harris Review, including in its recent submission to the Government’s Green Paper Aviation Review.

A simple explainer of the slots system can be found here.


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