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Published on 5th September 2022

We know the tough decisions that Qantas had to take during the pandemic, and in response to tough competitive pressures before that, were difficult for many. These decisions were ultimately about ensuring Qantas avoided the fate of numerous legacy carriers around the world, and to make sure we survived the COVID crisis. Doing that has protected many thousands of jobs.

Qantas is the longest-operating airline in the world today chiefly because it has continually adapted.

Unions including the TWU often use phrases like “race to the bottom” when we make changes to our business and infer safety is at risk. In reality, aviation is one of the most closely scrutinised industries in Australia and Qantas would never (ever) compromise on safety. It’s worth noting that Four Corners did not contact the Civil Aviation Safety Authority regarding any claims made in the program. CASA has since reiterated that it has confidence that Qantas is operating safely.

Qantas offered Four Corners an interview on the condition that it was aired unedited, which they declined. We then replied in detail to written questions, which can be viewed here and noted that the issues raised had been publicly canvassed many times before.

We know our services during the return to flying have been impacted by cancellations, delays and misplaced bags. Airlines the world over are having similar – or worse – experiences as they recover from COVID. We sincerely apologise to our customers and have already seen a significant improvement in service levels which are steadily returning to the high standards people rightly expect from Qantas.

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