Sydney | Published on 13th October 2022 at 8:35

Qantas’ operational performance has continued to improve and is now at or around pre-COVID levels in the first half of October.

Qantas Domestic’s on time performance in October has so far averaged 75 per cent despite a four percentage point impact from continued extreme weather conditions.

During September, which included the busy school holiday period, 69 per cent of flights departed on time. While this was ahead of our main competitor, the performance was below our September target of 75 per cent, also partly impacted by extreme weather and air traffic control limitations.

Cancellations fell from 4 per cent in August to 2.4 per cent in September. In October so far, only 1.7 per cent of flights have been cancelled, which is market leading and better than pre-COVID levels.

Mishandled bags remained low at 6 per 1000 passengers in September and into October.

Qantas is continuing to invest in extra resourcing in our operations to provide a buffer against the challenges that impacted reliability earlier in the year, including unexpected sick leave spikes and supply chain delays for aircraft parts.

A further $200 million will be invested until the middle of next year in rostering additional crew, training of new recruits and overtime in key areas such as contact centres. It also involves a conservative approach to scheduling that means up to 20 additional aircraft will be on standby and can be called upon to reduce delays and cancellations.

See Qantas Group market update for further information.

Performance data up to 10 October 2022: