Sydney/New York | Published on 30th July 2015 at 9:15

Qantas today revealed its new Qantas Magazine app on Adobe’s Digital Publishing Solution (DPS), the first app globally to appear on the platform, at the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium held in New York.

The new Qantas Magazine app fully leverages the capabilities of Adobe’s DPS to deliver engaging and informative content to customers throughout their entire travel experience, from planning to booking, to travelling.

The new platform allows users to access individual articles instantly from the app homepage rather than downloading entire issues with individual articles and collections of articles promoted on the app’s homepage. Content can also be updated as it is created, rather than only publishing at set frequencies.

Qantas Head of Digital and Entertainment, Jo Boundy, said the Adobe DPS allows the airline to be nimble and timely in the delivery of news and travel inspiration to customers.

“Until now, the iPad edition of the Qantas Magazine launched at the same time as the print edition, on the first of every month. This meant customers rarely engaged with the edition more than once – they had no reason to.

“Our new Qantas Magazine, created with Adobe DPS, is updated throughout the month, providing readers with fresh, snackable content even when they’re not travelling.

“In addition to broadening our distribution and improving ongoing engagement, it lets us maximise our content and provide customers with engaging travel information and inspiration every step of their journey.”

Karla Courtney, Digital Director with Medium Rare Content Agency, the publishers of the Qantas Magazine and Qantas’ Travel Insider website, said the DPS app platform is an innovative and flexible way to publish content.

“The new app removes the friction and rigidness of traditional magazine apps,” said Ms Courtney.

“Users do not need to download entire issues, they can tap on individual articles to view pieces they are interested in.

“We can also publish and upload content as individual articles at any time, ensuring users have the most up-to-date travel information available at their fingertips.

“Importantly, users can save just the content they need, such as the Singapore City Guide when travelling to Singapore, so they don’t have large files on their devices or excessive download costs when overseas,” added Ms Courtney.

The Qantas Magazine app is free and available on iPad and iPhone from the App Store. An Android and version will follow shortly.

In conjunction with the new look Qantas Magazine, Qantas Travel Insider website has also been relaunched together with a dedicated Travel Insider Instagram account featuring travel inspiration, travel photography and news.

The website features 1000 new pieces of content including 30 new City Guides written by local writers featuring Australia’s capital cities and many regional towns as well as popular international hubs.


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