Qantas introduces iPads on flights to Honolulu

Sydney | Published on 6th March 2013 at 2:53

Qantas’ Boeing 767 services from Sydney to Honolulu are now fitted with refreshed interiors and inflight entertainment technology, Q Streaming.

Q Streaming utilises onboard WiFi throughout the aircraft to stream entertainment programs direct to iPads in every seat supplied by Qantas.

The implementation of Q Streaming on board flights to Honolulu follows the successful introduction of the technology on B767 services across the Qantas domestic network – forming part of the wider B767 refresh program.

The B767 fleet’s cabin interiors have been refreshed with a contemporary design that includes leather seat covers in Business and a new look and feel in the Economy cabin. Other enhancements include new carpet, lighting, curtains and cabin dividers.

Executive Manager of International Customer Experience Alison Webster said the airline was excited to extend Q Streaming to customers travelling on refreshed B767 flights to Honolulu.

“Q Streaming has been extremely popular with Qantas customers on the domestic network and we are now pleased to offer it to our customers travelling to Honolulu.”

“We know on average customers spend about 80 per cent of a long haul flight using in-flight entertainment, so providing customers travelling to Honolulu with the option to choose what they watch and when, will add a new dimension to their on board experience.”

“The entertainment options have been carefully selected following real-time customer feedback which helps us to continually improve the choices we offer.

“We continue to explore ways to evolve the technology and in the near future customers will also have the option to use their own device to stream our inflight entertainment content.”

The technology streams over 200 hours of movies, television and music directly to an iPad in every seat. This will gradually expand over the next few months to match the vast range of TV and music content offered on our flagship in-seat entertainment systems – including up to 50 movies, 500 TV programs and 1000 CDs.

Qantas is also working to add interactive games, a selection of travel and business related apps as well as digital newspapers and magazines.

The refurbishment of 15 B767 aircraft with new interiors and individual in-flight entertainment began in October 2012 and is scheduled for completion at the end of April.