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Qantas Group Fleet Update
Published on 28th August 2014

The Qantas Group today provided an update on its fleet and network strategy for FY15 and beyond.

Since FY09, the Group has taken delivery of more than 140 aircraft and retired or returned leases for 80 aircraft, resulting in an average fleet age of 7.7 years – the youngest for two decades and significantly below the average in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

The Group’s focus now is on maximising the advantages of this young, competitive fleet, and completing the retirement of older aircraft types.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said the Group’s fleet strategy was based on clear, consistent principles.

“We are using our fleet more efficiently to help deliver the goals of our accelerated Qantas Transformation program,” Mr Joyce said.

“Of the $2 billion permanent cost reductions we are seeking over three years, $600 million will come from fleet and network initiatives.  At the same time, we continue to invest in new and upgraded aircraft to help our people deliver the fantastic service that has earned record customer satisfaction over the past year.”

Fleet and Network Changes

Key fleet and network changes completed or announced during FY14 are as follows.

Qantas International

Qantas Domestic

Fleet Renewal and Simplification

In FY14 the Group took delivery of 23 new aircraft, retired 19 older aircraft and returned eight leases.

Under current plans for FY15 the Group will receive 10 new aircraft, retire 18 aircraft and return two leases.

As a result of ongoing fleet retirements and simplification, the Group’s mainline fleet will be reduced from 11 different types in FY13 to seven different types in FY16.

Restructured Order Book

The Group announced in February that more than 50 aircraft on order would be deferred or sold to reflect more efficient fleet utilisation and slower capacity growth.

In light of the more subdued domestic capacity outlook and shift to more efficient utilisation of narrow-body aircraft:


In addition:

The Group retains significant flexibility in arrangements with manufacturers and lessors should the competitive environment or capacity forecasts change substantially.

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