Qantas Ambassador Jonh Travolta – Special Guest at ABCD Party

Dubai | Published on 15th September 2013 at 9:52

The Australian Business Council Dubai (ABCD) welcomed two time Oscar nominee, two time Golden Globe winner and Qantas Ambassador-at-Large John Travolta as their special guest for a VIP cocktail party at held at Jumeirah 360º on Thursday.

Mr John Travolta said “I’m really pleased to be here this evening celebrating all things Australia and Dubai. The new Qantas and Emirates partnership was what sparked my own interest in visiting Dubai, and it’s terrific that so many Australians have had the opportunity to experience it following Qantas’ launch here in March.”

“I’ve had such a fantastic time here from the warm hospitality to the city and desert experiences and I will continue to spread the good word about Dubai. And for those of you who have not experienced Qantas yet, I recommend you fly my favourite airline next time you travel to Australia or London.

ABCD Chairman Craig Holding hosted the evening in conjunction with Qantas Middle East & North Africa Regional General Manager, Rohan Garnett, and guests were treated to an evening of cocktails and canapés and an interview with John Travolta.

Commenting at the event, Mr Holding said “We are very grateful to have Mr John Travolta here in Dubai, and we are honoured to have him as our special guest tonight”.

“We welcomed Qantas and Emirates as co-sponsors of ABCD earlier this year and we are privileged to have this opportunity to showcase what the ABCD is about as part of Mr Travolta’s visit.”

“Our organisation promotes trade between Australia and Dubai and this event will no doubt promote further awareness of our activities, particularly tourism between Dubai and Australia.”

Mr Garnett said “We are pleased to be able to facilitate this activity with ABCD this evening. This type of activity strengthens the cultural and economic exchange and promotes Dubai as a global gateway to the world.”

“We look forward to carrying more visitors to Dubai, and of course promoting further travel to Australia, both with Qantas and Emirates.”

The Qantas and Emirates partnership with ABCD provides Qantas with an avenue for consolidating its position within the UAE business community along with the support of Emirates.

The inaugural visit of Qantas Ambassador-at-Large John Travolta, is the latest in a series of proactive business networking, social events and joint marketing initiatives developed as a result of the Qantas and Emirates ABCD partnership.

Qantas, the national carrier of Australia, hosted Mr. Travolta as part of his week-long tour of Dubai which included taking in some of the emirate’s most iconic and luxurious destinations.