SYDNEY | Published on 13th July 2015 at 22:37

Jetstar will more than double seat capacity out of Bali tomorrow, to help bring another 2,400 customers back to Australia.

Jetstar has worked with Qantas to get more flights in and out of Bali and is using larger aircraft, and will now operate 18 flights in and out of Denpasar Airport tomorrow, including 10 additional services. These flights are subject to flying conditions remaining safe for operations.

Qantas will operate flights on some of Jetstar’s domestic and international routes including Sydney-Honolulu, to free up Jetstar aircraft to bring people back from Bali. Qantas will also assist with connecting Jetstar customers from Perth to Sydney and Melbourne.

Jetstar will use a mix of Boeing 787, Airbus A330 and Airbus A320 for the additional flights tomorrow.

Customers can visit the ‘Travel Alerts’ section of for details on how to register for the additional flights.

Today we announced ten flights would depart Bali carrying over 2,000 people. With tomorrow’s additional flying we will have returned around 4,500 people within 48 hours.

We plan to add extra flights in and out of Bali from Wednesday, subject to clear flying conditions.

As we’ve seen during the past fortnight, the ash cloud’s movement is highly unpredictable.

Jetstar will continue to closely monitor the situation with the Volcanic Ash Authority Centre (VAAC), and cancellations may occur if conditions prevent safe operations.


Jetstar’s additional services (local departure times): Jetstar’s originally scheduled services (local departure times):
JQ 7022– Perth-Bali (0600) JQ 127 – Adelaide-Bali (1905)
JQ 7021 – Bali-Perth (1030) JQ 128 – Bali-Adelaide (2350)
JQ 7024 – Perth-Bali (1500) JQ 106 – Perth-Bali (1335)
JQ 7023 – Bali-Perth (1930) JQ 105 – Bali-Perth (1830)
JQ 7003 – Melbourne-Bali (0600) JQ 47 – Brisbane-Bali (0900)
JQ 7004 – Bali-Melbourne (1115) JQ 44 – Bali-Melbourne (1430)
JQ 7005 – Melbourne-Bali (0800) JQ 117 – Singapore-Bali-Perth (0405)
JQ 7008 – Bali-Sydney (1135) JQ 116 – Perth-Bali-Singapore (2310)
JQ 7026 – Sydney-Bali (1755)  
JQ 7025 – Bali-Sydney (2340)