Flying the Flag for Men’s Health

Melbourne | Published on 21st October 2013 at 17:09

Today, cricket legend and Movember Mo Mentor, Merv Hughes, announced he will be taking to the skies during Movember and flying the flag for men’s health, with a little help from Qantas.

Immortalized for the month, his iconic moustache will be spreading Movember’s men’s health messages as it flies the length and width of the country for the month. The Qantas Boeing 737-800 will sport ‘The Merv’ on its nose, in addition to being officially renamed after the cricketing great for the month of Movember.

Movember Mo Mentor, Merv Hughes, said “I like the idea that my moustache will effectively be flying around the country for the month in the name of men’s health. As someone who has enjoyed sporting a moustache for most of my life, I’d like to encourage all men this Movember to give it a go. Life is good with a moustache and by signing up for Movember, you can have fun, while doing some good.”

Qantas Chief Executive Officer and prostate cancer survivor Alan Joyce said this is the third year Qantas has supported the men’s health movement.

“Qantas is very proud to support the Movember campaign and spread the message of men’s health,” he said. “Just like Qantas, Merv Hugh’s moustache is an Australian icon and I’m sure its appearance on one of our aircraft will raise awareness of the Movember campaign with travelers across the country.”

The idea for Movember was conceived in Melbourne back in 2003, when 30 moustaches were grown. Last year, over one million moustaches were grown across the world. Today, Movember runs official campaigns in 21 countries and, to date, has raised over $440 million for men’s health.  Merv and Movember COO

Merv and Movember


Merv Gives the Qantas Mo the Thumbs Up

Merv likes the Mo


Merv Flying the Flag for Mens Health

Merv flying the flag for men’s health