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Published on 4th November 2022

Qantas customers had more on time flights and fewer cancellations in October, as the national carrier’s domestic performance continued to lift.

After hitting a low point in July as sick leave surged, the national carrier’s operations have improved every month to be around, or better, than pre-COVID levels.

Data on domestic flying for the month of October shows:

Qantas continues to invest in a buffer against the challenges that impacted reliability earlier in the year, including unexpected sick leave spikes and supply chain delays. The Group is investing $200 million to roster additional crew, train new recruits and keep 20 additional aircraft on standby that can be called upon to reduce delays and cancellations.

Qantas aims to keep on time performance in the mid-70s for the remainder of the calendar year, factoring in the forecast for more extreme weather events in some parts of the country. This aligns with the circa 75 per cent on-time performance recorded by the national carrier in November and December 2019.



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