Final preparations for Qantas and Emirates A380 Flyover

Sydney | Published on 30th March 2013 at 11:58

Qantas and Emirates Airbus A380 pilots have completed their final preparations for the flyover in formation over Sydney Harbour tomorrow morning.

A Qantas A380 and an Emirates A380 will complete a flyover of Sydney Harbour at 1500 feet at approximately 10.30am.

This is believed to be the first time anywhere in the world where two commercial airline A380’s have flown in formation. It is also believed to be the first time that two separate airlines have flown together in formation.

The flyover is to mark the commencement of the global aviation partnership between Qantas and Emirates. The partnership will provide customers with a seamless international and Australian network, frequent flyer benefits and world-class travel experiences.

Qantas Chief Pilot Captain Philip Green said Qantas and Emirates have worked extremely closely together to make this possible.

“The sight of two of the world’s great airlines flying two of the world’s largest aircraft so close together over Sydney Harbour is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Captain Green said.

“Qantas encourages all Sydneysiders to get to the best vantage points around the Harbour to see these Super Jumbos in full flight.

“There has been a huge amount of planning which has been necessary to make this possible including seeking approval from safety regulators in both Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

“Pilots from both airlines have conducted dozens of special simulator training sessions since January this year. Emirates pilots came to Australia earlier this month to conduct joint sessions in Qantas’ A380 simulator in Sydney and conducted several more practice runs over the past few days.”

The aircraft will operate under a joint special call sign whilst in formation – “Seismic” This is because Emirates President Tim Clark said the partnership between Qantas and Emirates will cause a seismic shift in global aviation.

The Qantas aircraft which conducts the flyover will operate QF1 to Dubai later that day.

Flight Plan: Aircraft will take off from Sydney International at 9:20am. Both aircraft will fly north to Longreef, then south and slightly out to sea, where they will turn and come into Sydney Harbour over Watson’s Bay, then position to the north side of the Harbour, where they will pass the Sydney Opera House and fly over the Sydney Harbour Bridge at 10.30am. They will then fly as far as the Gladesville Bridge, turn around and come back in the same formation. The Qantas plane will lead at a height of 1500ft with the Emirates aircraft to the right and higher.

Note. The flight is subject to suitable weather conditions.