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Fair Go 4 Qantas
Published on 19th November 2013

At Qantas, we are proud of our airline and we know that in any fair fight we will come out on top. However the unfair playing field in Australian aviation is a risk to the future of Qantas and all our jobs.

It means Virgin, which will be 80% foreign owned, can use its unlimited funds to weaken Qantas in the domestic market and cripple our international business. It means foreign airlines having control of an airline which accesses Australia’s valuable air treaty rights.

We must not let three foreign government backed airlines take control of Virgin and ruin the Australian aviation industry for which we have fought so hard. Make your voice heard and sign the petition below to the Federal Government.

We ask all Qantas supporters to make their voice heard by petitioning the Federal Government. Simply click on the link below to complete the petition and stand up for Australia’s Qantas.

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