Emirates and Qantas Welcome CCS Decision on Partnership

Singapore | Published on 29th March 2013 at 8:54

Emirates and Qantas have welcomed the Competition Commission of Singapore’s (CCS) clearance of their partnership.

The partnership will provide customers with a seamless international and Australian network, frequent flyer benefits and world-class travel experiences.

“This partnership brings together two of the world’s best airlines and offers some of the highest quality travel experiences,” said Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline.

“Since we began on this partnership road our growth, as we said it would, has continued and we remain committed to our global network. We have launched services to six new destinations since we made the partnership announcement in September and have announced a further two for this coming year,” added Mr Clark.

Chief Executive Officer of the Qantas Group Alan Joyce said the partnership had paved the way for the airline to significantly improve its services between Australia and Singapore.

“This partnership enables Qantas to restructure its services to Singapore to improve onward connections within Asia as well as increase dedicated capacity on these routes by 40 per cent,” said Mr Joyce.

“Our schedule into Singapore has been retimed so flights from Australia arrive earlier in the day, which will mean a significant increase in the number of connections available to passengers travelling onwards within Asia.”

Through this partnership, passengers from Singapore will now have the choice of two daily flights from both Singapore to Brisbane and Singapore to Melbourne, split evenly between Emirates and Qantas. As part of obtaining clearance, both airlines have provided a voluntary undertaking to maintain capacity on these overlapping routes.

Qantas will operate a total of 35 services a week from Singapore to Australia, including its 14 services on these overlapping routes (as announced in February 2013).