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Published on 6th February 2019

This report from the Productivity Commission is disappointing and essentially endorses Australia’s airports to remain some of the most expensive in the world. That means the travelling public will continue to pay more at every stage of their journey, whether it’s car parking, taxis or airport landing fees.

Over the past 10 years, average airfares have dropped by almost 40 per cent while airport revenue has risen by 25 per cent. And yet, this report suggests there’s no real imbalance here.

The travelling public will be surprised by the finding that airport parking prices aren’t excessive.

The ACCC, consumer groups, economists and others all think there is an issue with airport pricing and monopoly power. So do airlines, and we’ll keep arguing for an independent umpire to inject more fairness into the process, reflecting what happens in other industries.

Air travel is a key part of our economy. We hope the Government will act on the impact airports’ monopolistic behaviour is having on consumers across the country.

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