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Fixing planes and wearing flares, how to be an engineer in the 70s

The year was 1976. The population of the world was 4.1 billion, the Apple Computer Company had just been formed, Jimmy Carter was challenging Gerald Ford to become U.S. President, Holden released the HJ and Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was dominating the charts. Here at Qantas, we had taken delivery of eight B747s, the aircraft that […]

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Kicking the tyres on an Airbus A330

Rain, hail or shine, you will always see a Qantas pilot completing a walk around of the aircraft before your flight. It’s a crucial part of the pre-flight checks to ensure the aircraft is fit to fly. Pilots will inspect under the fuselage, looking for any ice because at cruising altitude it can get as […]

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Models have catwalks and planes have runways

Runways – they’re at the heart of every airport and can be made from concrete, grass and even ice. Some are more than four kilometres long and can be up to 60 metres wide. These huge pieces of infrastructure are designed to withstand the enormous pressures of continuous aircraft landings. So what are they made […]

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That time we flew a rhino across the Tasman

This week on Roo Rhino Tales, we’re talking about animals. Of the millions of passengers we carry around the globe, most of them are human. But did you know every year we also fly around 50,000 animals – that’s almost 1000 a week. Mostly, it’s people’s beloved dogs and cats. But we’ve also carried snakes, […]

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How we could use augmented reality to help you find your way

We like to think of ourselves as an innovative bunch over here at Qantas. We pioneered the first jet services across the Pacific in the 1950s and we’re the only airline that ever built its own aircraft. Just as we pushed the boundaries in our early days, we’re doing the same for the future – […]

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