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How do you fly a plane inside a Jumbo?

For more than 90 years, Qantas has been moving unique and oddly-sized items around the world. Formula 1 cars, fragile artwork, live animals, aircraft parts (including engines) – just about anything you can think of. One object we had never flown until recently? Another plane. Let alone two. For the first time, Qantas loaded two […]

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North South East West – why wind matters

Mother nature (wind in particular) is a big factor pilots need to take into account. Generally, pilots will try to take off and land into the wind because it’s better aerodynamically. When winds are fairly light, this matters less and aircraft can take different approaches and use various runways. But when winds are strong, it […]

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What happens when your plane is struck by lightning?

Today’s aircraft cruise through the skies at heights of up to 40,000 feet. Up there, the atmosphere is thinner and offers less resistance, meaning the aircraft can fly more efficiently. It also helps avoid bad weather, which tends to hover at lower levels. That bad weather includes the usual nasties of thunder and lightning. So […]

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Take a walk (a virtual one) on the tarmac

It’s all hands on deck when the Q400 regional aircraft pulls up outside the terminal with teams of refuellers, caterers, cleaners and engineers ready to unload and prepare the aircraft for its next flight. It’s like a coordinated pit crew  – each team focused on getting their job done, quickly and of course safely. And […]

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“Just waiting for our final piece of paperwork……”

  Sometimes when you are settling down for take-off and before the cabin door is closed, you might hear one of the pilots come across the PA and say that the crew are just waiting for the final piece of paperwork. Ever wondered what it is? It’s the aircraft’s load sheet which details how much […]

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